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About FCK

About FCK


Contribute to improve the benefits of financial consumers and develop the financial industry by creating the innovative financial ecosystem and activating Fintech services.


Global Fintech Hub that supports the emergence of innovative financial services and the growth of the Fintech industry

Core Values

  • Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Expertise

Strategic Objectives

  • Support the Activation of the Innovative Growth in the Fintech Industry
  • Support the Optimized Growth for Fintech Companies
  • Strengthen the Global Competitiveness of the Fintech Industry
  • Implement Strategies and Support Effective Business Management for Taking a Role as a Global Fintech Hub


Blue means innovation, progress, and technology that benefits humanity.

The internal triangle refers to Fintech companies, policy organizations, financial institutions.

As a hub between Fintech companies, policy organizations, and financial institutions, the FCK will increase the benefits of financial consumers by creating the dynamic Fintech ecosystem and by innovating the financial industry

The hexagon in the background means ABCDIG (AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, 5G), which is the six technologies that set up Fintech.

By boosting the six technologies, the FCK drives innovation and growth of the Fintech industry.